Topic outline

  • Introduction

    We aim to support you to devise and implement an effective teaching and learning strategy appropriate for your context. Our expected outcomes include active learner centred learning through blended teaching and learning and enhanced student learning experience in early nutrition. We also anticipate these will help you increase the topics you teach in the same teaching time and/or reduce teaching time for the same number of topics that are currently taught face-to-face only.

    Description and aims

    The e-learning tools toolkit will enable tutors to utilize the materials and questions in their teaching sessions.

    Target Users
    Educators who wish to use digital and interactive education tools in their teaching sessions.

    Expected use
    The e-learning tools can be used to vary teaching methods, including game-based learning. 

    Sample toolkit design
    Suggestions of various available e-learning tools and quick user tips will be listed on the platform.

    Implementation and delivery
    Educators will be able to choose the appropriate tools for their teaching sessions.
    Some suggested tools include: 

    Feel free to explore other tools such as Mentimeter, Wooclap, Quizziz and many other web 2.0 tools that may suit your specific needs in engaging your students.

  • Kahoot!

    Kahoot! is an educational platform that is based on games and questions. Through this tool, teachers can create questionnaires, discussions, or surveys that complement academic lessons. The material is projected in the classroom and questions are answered by students while playing and learning at the same time. Kahoot! promotes game-based learning, which increases student engagement and creates a dynamic, social, and fun educational environment.
  • Socrative

    Socrative is a system that allows teachers to create exercises or educational games which students can solve using mobile devices, whether smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Teachers can see the results of the activities and, depending on these, modify the subsequent lessons in order to make them more personalized.
  • Google Forms

    Google Forms is a form app that is included in the Google Drive office suite along with Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Forms features all of the collaboration and sharing features found in Docs, Sheets, and Slides. In its quiz form, it allows for instant feedback and formative assessment.
    • You need a Google Drive account. If you have a Google account, then you already have a Google Drive account. Just log in using the same username and password.
    • Click the “My Drive” button on the top left of the screen and select Google Forms.
  • Padlet

    Padlet is an application to create an online bulletin board that you can use to display information for any topic. Easily create an account and build a new board. You can add images, links, videos, columns for sorting or refining organization, and more. You can return to add more later. Settings allow you to make your wall completely open for public contributions, completely private, or moderated by you. Free accounts allow you to make 3 Padlets that include search, themes, stats, premium wallpapers, and cross-device support for uploaded videos.